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Pack it up, Pack it in?

Let me begin... at the beginning! Winter bass fishing is a thing. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about it.

All joking aside though, I think it's time to consider the upside to winter bass fishing. Let's start with the biggest upside, winter is the best time to land that monster bass! The chances of landing that rod bending, reel screaming legendary bass are increased during the colder months. I could go into why but that's for another blog. For now, you gotta take my word...or Google it... lol

Another upside is WAY less pressure. Boaters will have no skiers, wake boarders or tubers to worry about AND very few anglers to compete against for that prime spot.

Are you properly motivated to brave the cold yet? Well, you're still reading so I'm gonna assume you are. Now let's talk technique.

Winter is the time to simplify your tackle box.

My go to tackle for winter bass are swimbaits, jerkbaits, shaky heads, ned rigs, jigs and drop shot. Your situation will dictate what you throw.

How do you know what to throw? In a word...depth. Bass are either deep or preparing to go deep. So, find the deepest area of the body of water your fishing. That can range from 10 feet to 80 feet or more. That's why I say depth is how you decide what to throw. If the deepest part of the water you're on is 40 feet... they aren't going to come up to the top for a spook or whopper plopper. You'll need to throw something that sinks to get it down to them. Once you choose a sinking lure you have confidence in you're halfway there, now SLOW DOWN.

There's a winter fishing saying you need to repeat over and over in your head. It's super simple but will keep you on them... Low and Slow. Fish low in the water column and retrieve slowly. Nothing in the water moves fast in the winter, that should include your bait. If you think to yourself "I'm fishing too slow" ... you need to slow down!! LOL

Lastly, when to hit the water? Bass will come up to the shallows at night to feed, so first thing in the morning and I mean EARLY, will sometimes lead to catching some before they go deep again. The next best part of the day is also the best part for you... the warmest part. Look at the weather forecast for the day and be at your spot during the high temp. Try tying on your favorite jerkbait and make sure your camera is ready!

If you follow these basic guidelines for winter fishing you might just land your new PB this winter.

Disclaimer: Bent Rod Fishing is not responsible for any lost/frozen fingers or toes. So dress warmly and don't fall in!!

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