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Common Types of Baitfish and Where To Spot Them

Baitfish is used to catch larger fish. They are easy to catch and easy to stock as they breed rapidly. Furthermore, they improve your larger fish’s growth and quality. There are several types of baitfish.

If you are interested in identifying batfish to use for your next fishing trip or to grow your fish in your pond, read on:

Fathead Minnow

Belonging to freshwater, the fathead minnow’s come from North America and can be found down in North Mexico. They have a thick body, blunt head, and small mouth, and are usually a dark olive color on the upper part of their body.

These creatures are commonly found in slow streams, ponds, lakes, and wetlands.

Golden Shiner

Like the fathead minnow, Golden Shiners can also be found in the eastern half of North America. They have a pointed snout, a strongly decurved lateral line, a scaleless keel along their silvery belly, and a dark green upper part of the body.

Golden Shiners are usually found in lakes, ponds, swamps, backwaters, pools of creeks, and even small to medium rivers.

Creek Chub

The Creek Chub is freshwater fish found in the eastern U.S. and Canada. Although the size depends on where they developed, they all look slender and fine-scaled. Like the golden shiner and fathead minnow, they have a dark olive back and a silvery belly. The fins are yellowish and their tail fin has a black spot at the base.

Creek chubs can be found in small stream environments and like to hide in weeds to avoid predation.

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