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Lure Color Matters

If you love to fish, you are probably familiar with the factors that are essential for a successful fishing trip. It is easy to get caught up in the details when it comes to fishing. Where is the fish located? What size bait do I need? Which knot should I use?

But one of the most important aspects of fishing that is often overlooked is the color of your lure. With a wide range of lures available today, having a basic understanding of what colors work best for different conditions can make or break your day out on the water.

In dirtier water, bolder or darker colors can make your lure stand out more than in clearer water. Using lures that are red, green, or blue in waters that are murky or dirty will work best in these situations.

Baits with whiter color in clearer water conditions will make it stand out more. In clear water conditions, you want brighter baits that will be easier for the fish to see in low light conditions.

If the sun is shining on clear water, chrome-colored lures like this are going to reflect light better than other color baits. When it is sunny outside and there are no clouds in the sky, chrome lures are great at reflecting light that makes it look like it’s moving.

Finally, for those situations where the water is especially clear, a translucent style bait will likely work best for you. Translucent style baits will work best because not all fish are actually opaque when the sun hits them!

If you are still deciding on which colored lure to use, take a look at the water clarity and weather conditions. Learn what works in your area before you go out shopping, in order to get the most out of your fishing.

Head to Bent Rod Fishing to discover more fishing tips and helpful items you can take with you on your next fishing trip.

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