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Tracer Hover Kit  - Emerald Shiner

The Tracer Hover Kit comes with three 4" Tracer minnows and three 1/8oz Hover Jigs.

The Tracer Hover Minnows are best used vertically while fish are under your boat. Normal electronics will do, no FFS needed (although with FFS this technique becomes even more effective), simply drop the bait down on top of the fish and let it hover just above them. Occasionally, you can pop the tip of your rod to impart some action and entice a bite.

If the fish are shallow or finicky, you can cast to them from a comfortable distance and hold the Tracer Minnow just above them on a semi slack line while reeling as slow as you can manage.

Tight lines and welcome to Hover Strolling!

Tracer Hover Kit - Emerald Shiner

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