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Bone Hover Shrimp Kit

Hover Strolling just got SALTY!!


These Hover Shrimp are made with a saltwater plastic blend.  They hold up to harder fights and sharp teeth! They are perfect for inshore angling for Speckled Trout, Redfish, Snook, Flounder and Snapper!  Fish learn, so why not throw something a little different and "CATCH" them off guard? 


Fishing Tip:  I like to fish these on a slow retrieve with soft, fast twitches of the rod tip as this most closely mimics the swimming action of an actual shrimp.  However, sometimes when fishing for flounder or redfish on a sandy bottom I like to allow them to contact the bottom and "jig" them along slowly.  I recommend using a braid to floro leader on a Medium - Light,  7' rod. Like the Penn battle 3


Weight - .25oz

Length - 3.75"

Hooks - 3/0 VMC Aberdeen 

Bone Hover Shrimp Kit

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